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About Us
E-business Today
In the current era, businesses are investing in computer equipment, services and web sites. With all the options and technical details, things can get quite confusing. A business can invest thousands in web design, literature design and computer hardware without achieving the projected goals. Banshee Computer Consulting personnel remain focused on accomplishing the individual tasks for its clients as well as ensuring that those efforts obtain the desired results.

Communication & Experience: Empowering Your Business With Success
Clear communication and experience is where Banshee Computer Consulting can make the difference for your business. Banshee staff takes the time to explain the scope of a job, project, or marketing plan. This reduces the obscurity of the technical hurdles and increases your awareness of the effective strategies we employ. Banshee staff makes an effort to explain technical details and industry trends in such a way that the average person can understand. Following those same ideals, Banshee will take the time to explain what is involved in a job and what is included in a bill. Because of this, the "Voodoo magic" that is all too common place in the industry is reduced. The final result is a comfortable, well thought out decision with an advocated solution and a client who understands what problems can be avoided. The staff at Banshee has the education, experience and technical know-how to help organizations like yours make a large impact. Staff members are carefully selected on behalf of their superior skills and passion for the technology industry. All Banshee employees have worked in the computer field for their entire career. The Banshee staff is ready and willing to help you develop your computer hardware, network, or web site to be more effective for you and your clients.

Banshee Principles
Banshee's computers and networks are built only with high quality components that have been proven in the industry. In addition, Banshee rigorously tests and approves all hardware and software that is recommended for use by our clients. Those approved components allow our solutions to be well performing, compatible, stable, and hassle-free.

Whether you are comfortable with it or not, the future of business is in the internet and in computer information systems. Banshee will help you make the most of current and future technology. If your need is hardware support for your small business, or a web site to showcase your offerings across the Internet, Banshee can do it at a reasonable rate and with your needs in mind. Be sure to check out some of our services pages to see what we have to offer!
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At Banshee we strive for excellence in providing the best products and services with a positive customer experience, every time.