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Computer Services
Virus & Malware Prevention
Of all the things that cause problems among computer users, viruses and malware top the list.  You never realize the problem exists until your computer starts behaving erratically: it starts with an error message which later evolves into endless advertisement popups, random computer crashes and an inbox full of weird emails.

Currently the best way to address the problem is through education and proactive prevention. Our Ghoul Guides section offers information on how to avoid the most common pitfalls that are designed to install unwanted software on your computer.

We offer numerous Virus, Spyware and Malware solutions including:
» Norton Systemworks, Antivirus, and Internet Security products
» McAfee Antivirus software and intrusion prevention
» AVG Antivirus
» Enterprise anti-spyware solutions
» Network/Hardware virus and spyware filtering

Head over to our software service & support page for more details.

Large Scale Mass Marketing
Banshee Computer Consulting can merge, sort, or compile your client lists and send targeted mass mailings for your next marketing campaign. We have saved many customers hassle, stress and money by providing custom mailings that can be emailed to thousands of your potential customers or special promos for your preferred customers.

Banshee has experience in doing large print and electronic mailings. We can incorporate custom designs and content into your targeted mailing and broadcast them in a direct send manner.

Electronic Data Recovery
Data stored on computers and disks can be lost a number of ways: crashed or failed hard disks, destructive viruses and spyware, old CDRs that were stored improperly, 'system restore' disks that are designed to erase all data on your drives. The normal response is to cast away the ruined hard drive or CD and attempt to rebuild all your data. Banshee Computer Consulting can step in and recover the lost or unretrievable data from your devices and recover the majority if not all of your information in a timely manner. Don't struggle with rebuilding all your data! Let the electronic data recovery experts at Banshee Computer Consulting recover your critical data today!