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Hardware Service & Support
Hardware problems can creep up in a hurry, even when everything else is properly maintained. Computers and equipment outdate themselves over time, older harddrives approach the age where data loss becomes a serious risk, and unprotected electrical components are one power-surge away from having to replace an entire computer.

Banshee Computer Consulting can help you to avoid these problems by evaluating your computing needs and directing you towards the most valuable solution. Banshee helps you cover all your bases: highest value per dollar, scalability into the future, and disaster protection and prevention.

Banshee Computer Consulting offers support on a wide range of hardware and configurations. Some of our products and services include:
» Dell desktops and laptops
» Dell servers
» Computer Upgrades
» Hard drive data recovery
» Custom-built desktops
» Custom-built servers
Hard Drive and Monitor
Our hardware experience allows us to assist you in a precise purchase for your needs. Banshee Computer Consulting also offers help with Software Service & Support as well as Network Service & Support to provide all-encompassing solutions for your home or business. We also sell and support Dell Computer desktops and laptops as well as custom computer configurations. Additionally we can recover lost data from failed hard drives, hard drives erased by 'system recovery' disks, and unreadable CDRs that have been improperly stored. At Banshee Computer Consulting, we make it a point to minimize your costs and maximize the utility of your computer purchases.