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Network Service & Support
Banshee Computer Consultinghas brought success to many customers by optimizing their business processes through wired and wireless technologies.   We can tailor your network to your needs as well as incorporate security measures to ensure your network will stay up and running, worry-free.

We have experience installing, maintaining and servicing:
» Network hubs
» Network switching equipment
» Routers
» File and print servers
» Workstations
» Network storage devices
» High-speed, low-latency network connections
» Virtual private networking (VPNs)
» Hardware firewall systems
» Hardware spam-management systems
Switch Unit

Banshee Computer Consulting also provides Hardware Service & Support as well as Software Service & Support to ensure that all of your computers and applications run properly and efficiently on your network. Banshee also sells new computers from Dell which are throughly tested and constructed using high quality components. The knowledge and experience of Banshee Computer Consulting allow us to design, supervise and deploy any network from the ground up. As a result our customers receive the highest quality network implementations available.